Why choose CII exams: unlocking your path to professional excellence


Date: Tuesday, 10 September
Time: 12-1pm

Join Jen as she looks at the process and benefits of achieving CII qualifications. She’ll explain the exam structures, required study time and how to plan your study to achieve the required results, along with information on the additional support that is available to you.

This webinar will help you understand:

  • the process of achieving an insurance qualification

  • how it will impact your life and how you can manage the time to study

  • what support is available to support you in your qualification journey.

Meet the presenter

Jennifer Yeates |
Technical training manager

Jennifer’s been a trainer since 2003, and insurance technical trainer since 2008. Her experience and knowledge are underpinned by qualifications in training practice and insurance. Prior to working for insurance brokers, she worked as an account executive, manager and trainer in the newspaper advertising industry. As a trainer, her key objectives were sales and business development.

Having a successful and award-winning track record in a tough selling environment has given Jennifer insights to create impactful sales and negotiation training that has proven to be influential in improving sales and client engagement.