Cultivating diversity & inclusion in the workplace


Date: Thursday, 19 September
Time: 12-1pm

Join Kerris as she explores the benefits of diversity in the workplace. She’ll look at the impact of inclusion on employee engagement and productivity and discuss practical strategies for creating a more inclusive and diverse work environment.

This webinar will help you:

  • understand and define the core concepts of diversity, inclusion and equity

  • recognise the benefits of a more diverse and inclusive workforce

  • gain practical strategies and tools for overcoming barriers and how to foster a culture of belonging.

Meet the presenter

Kerris Earle |
Training development manager

Kerris is a compliance professional with 9 years’ experience in highly regulated environments in a variety of roles. She has over 5 years’ experience in compliance and governance positions across insurance and fundraising. Kerris chose compliance as a specialism as she enjoys topics that require critical thinking, ethical consideration, interpretation of regulation/legislation, and that offer challenge in an environment subject to change.

Her knowledge and experience coupled with passion and approach to compliance has helped shape and support organisations to succeed whilst still offering protection from financial and reputational damage.